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Is this a Sign of light burn any input is appreciated

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    SOIL Is this a Sign of light burn any input is appreciated

    So This is my First time with my new light i plan on getting P3 P3IP4400, Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor to check how much watts i am pushing out cause the dimmer dial it's really hard to tell beyond 50% I recently turned the knob up a little from 50% to maybe 60% to 70% these plants are 5 weeks old from seedling my old lights we're not that powerful so i never had to worry about it.

    Something else might be going on as well tho.

    These pictures are of 2 plants that look like are close to same issue 1 girl scout cookies and 1 gorilla glue i also noticed one leaf messed up a little not sure if it was a defect or a bug praying its not a bug lol
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    Not light burn, it’s a nutrient deficiency, maybe magnesium. What’s your watering pH? I suspect the nutrients she needs are present but the plant can’t access because of pH lockout


      I have always Done 6.5ph should i be going for 6.0 cause my Soil is similar to coco it's Pro-Mix High Porosity Peat Growing Medium pretty sure it has SPHAGNUM PEAT MOSS thanks for the response


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        I also use Pro Mix HP, If I were you I would check the drainage from your pots. I water with a PH of 6.1 and the drainage comes out at PH of 6.6. I think this is what caused me some problems with the early part of my grow until I figured it out... Good Luck

      What is the soil PH, and the run off water PH? BTW Peat is acidic, can be as low as 3.3, great for blueberries.


        Originally posted by Shankemdirty View Post
        I have always Done 6.5ph
        mix it up instead, go with 6.2 next, then 6.2 again, 6.1 then 6.3 -> and this problem will disappear imo.

        you can do 6.5 but that's the ceiling and you do need to mix up the pH's of your watering.


          So my run off ph is about a 5.5 and it does look like my plants are not eating as much as the run off ppm was 1500ppm they receive near 1200ppm every other watering do you guys think i should flush i need to kick these suckers into flowering within the week as they are getting to my desired height is it worth to flush and just mix in my flowering nutes.


            Here is some update photos now i finally got my P3 P3IP4400, Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor and what i found out is that the half indent on the knob that i thought was half way was actually 465 watts out of 600 watts and that pushing it above that which i thought was 70% was actually 90% pushing around 578 watts now that was not expected so i think the yellowing is due to the light being near max at 90%

            I am using HLG 600 RSPEC so that is a very powerful light for my 48"48"80" grow tent at 90% i reverted it back to the stable 465 watts that i had it on for the past month with stable results i never wanted to push the light that hard during veg so glad i got the p3 to calculate the % of the lights output.

            The top of the plants are yellowish and they been in the taco state but i think it is cause of the lights these pictures compared to the first pictures are about 5 days apart as you can see they have shown the deficiency better.

            Is it safe to push these guys into flower and give a flush there is the possibility that i need to adjust My Base nutrients as i am doing custom amounts week by week with the General Hydroponics Flora Trio
            as i am trying to figure a spreadsheet with a certain amount out each week adding more each week it has been green sails up till the start of week 6

            The Plants Just started the 7th week of Veg
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