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Gelato og auto(pt 2) is it too small to be flowering?

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    HELP! Gelato og auto(pt 2) is it too small to be flowering?

    Shes been under 18-6 started feeding her fox farm on Monday she will be 4 weeks this monday...she is 27 days today..Is she too small to be flowering? never grew auto before.
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    hi Savdawg64, most autos start to flower within 4 weeks. careful with the nutes, i would recommend 1/4 strength, for the first feeding and see how they react.I grew 3 gelato og auto, they were short and bushy, dry yield about 2oz per plant. I have a watermelon og auto growing now, it sprouted on Feb. 1., hasd about a week to go
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      johnb1963 Were your 3 gelato og autos from Seedsman seeds? I planned to grow 3 for inventory then start a sativa photo grow. I got 3 dud gelato seeds. I've vaped watermelon, I like it. Your plant looks beautiful.

    hi puglover1, yes, the seeds were from seedsman. 5 seeds, 3 grew fine, 1 did not germinate, and one was not an auto. it's in my 12/12 tent along with a candyland.


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