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Need some help with autoflowers question

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  • Mramseye
    commented on 's reply
    Wow!! Great looking plant. I can only dream mine will turn out anything close to that. Thanks for response and calming my stress. I am the worse singer ever but seeing your results may give it a try!

  • Mramseye
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    I am adding calmag+iron but just started day before pictures on my last watering. Up to that point all watering has been just 5.9 ph'd city tap water. Thanks for the feedback, and keeping me calm that plants appear to be doing ok

  • dhll999
    Plants look good my 2 early miss autos always looked a little lime green could be Nitrogen problem but other than that did rather well i also used the humboldt nutrients just harvested one plant the other is going a little longer day 77 from seed
    Click image for larger version

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  • Canuck147
    Adding any calcium/magnesium?
    Plants look real good. Can't help you with your runoff concerns - cuz I don't bother with mine.

    Let your pots get really dry - light - in between watering.

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  • Farmbuck
    I'm sure @Canuck147 will help you. I'm a photo grower.

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  • Mramseye
    started a topic Need some help with autoflowers question

    Need some help with autoflowers question

    Hello first time grower, first time poster I have been reading on forum for 6 months or so and want to say thank everyone for all the help. I did everything I could to become a sponge in hopes of being able give a go at growing hobby. Two questions first is my plants are about 13 days old and I am a little concerned that ends of leaves are sagging,,, second is when I ph run off it is 7.1 but I have watered everytime with 5.9-6.1
    Now the setup and specifics:
    4x4 tent (2) cks white widow auto(2) cks early miss auto
    3 gallon fabric pots
    Sunshine #4 advance (didn't pre-rinse) forgot and was two excited to start
    Bloom plus (bp3000)300 wall watts
    Humboldt's Secret starter kit 4" exhaust fan and filter
    2 clip fans
    Temp and humidity gage
    Ph stick digital meter
    Plants are between 11-13 days above soil, all 4 came through within 1 day or so of each other, paper towel strait to these pots. Temp currently is 72(would like to make it a little warmer but heater won't be here for couple days) humidity has been 42-45. 20 hours of light, 24" above. Water about every 3 days, ph'd to approximately 5.9. I just did nutrients at 1/4 of the lowest on the range.(base A, base b, enzines, calmag iron, golden tree.

    So question on ph runoff, is run off ph what the soil ph is? 7 is too high for this mix, right? Why if I am ph'ing water, why isn't it bringing ph of mix down?

    It seems like some of the leaf tips are drooping just a little, hopefully pictures will show what I am seeing..,..maybe over water? It has been pretty dry when I water so maybe under water? Something missing from mix?

    One of the Early Miss has some areas of light green and dark green on the top set of leaves, any thoughts on what is causing this? Actually seems to be doing ok other than leaf coloring isn't consistent.

    Sorry for this being so long, thanks for any help anyone may have

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