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2ish weeks from harvest, Problem! What's this white stuff?

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    2ish weeks from harvest, Problem! What's this white stuff?

    Just past the 6 week mark in flowering and plants have been showing signs of stress. They typical array of symptoms that indicate a non-nutrient problem (twisting leaves, cupped/drying leaf fingers, very dark leathery leaves despite discontinuing N, early stage herme seed development).

    My guesses are:

    Light leak: in the last few weeks as sunrise gets earlier there is ambient dawn light in the room where the tent is, so there likely could be very faint light starting around 6am - lights pop on at 7:30am.


    Nute flux: when I first noticed the above symptoms was right after upping bloom nutes about 10-14 days ago. Figured I had just pushed too hard, dropped to 1/3 strength and did a heavy watering flush. Resumed feeding at about 2/3 strength (800ppm compared to 1200ppm).


    Something attacking at the roots. I had no reason to believe this until I saw this white stuff on surface coco today. Some of this had been on the coco on one plant (a plant that has shown no symptoms or issues for weeks) and now I am seeing it on a couple other plants' coco surfaces.
    I was only drawn to this as a potential culprit today when 1) on the plant that has had this white stuff with no problems there was a piece of a leaf that fell onto the coco and in its decomposition developed a little fuzzy growth. Tiny piece. Been watching these plants like a hawk for any signs of rot or fungus on green growth/flowers and have seen nothing. 2) I started to look closely at other plants mediums and noticed this white surface stuff around the edges. Not sure if its residual salts, or something more problematic.

    In any event we are nearing the finish line: 2 plants (Critical CBD) start final flush in about 6 days. 3 plants (Somango XXL) are scheduled one week behind CBD. So, it is late in the game. Mostly want to do as good as I can by these plants to see them through to the end.

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    White fuzzy on the coco must be trichoderma. The plants look very healthy. If you are having leaf issues I would think of changing the temps and rh first. You did well reducing the ppms. The higher evaporation the less concentrated the nutrients should be. I wouldn’t really change anything at this point. Just ride till harvest.


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      Yeah, I don't think there are any big changes to be made under any circumstances. Introduced a dehumidifier to the tent a week ago. Increases down low airflow and has helped to generally stabilize things around 77-78f/52-56rh lights on, 63-65/65-70rh lights off. I'd love do dial down the humidity a little more but that just ain't happening in a below grade space.

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