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I'm unfamiliar with a plant that looks like this.

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    I'm unfamiliar with a plant that looks like this.

    All my plants usually look something like the plants on the right. But I got this one, from a seed sold to me as some kind of kush, that grows on the left. It's very hardy and clones easily, but the leaves twist and get weird...I think it's always trying to flower. The seed I bought wasn't supposed to be an auto. Am I looking at some ruderalis genes shining through this one particular seed? Or is it pretty common but just outside my experience? What do you think I'm looking at?

    I'd hazard a guess there are some strange recessives in that pool. Grow it out but if it herms, get it away from your others. Fun to watch. Good luck!
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      Hell, if you could pollinate a few buds with some male Freakshow it might be very bizarre!

    That thing hit every branch on the ugly tree AND a rock at the bottom but I bet it’ll be great smoke


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      Kief you crack me up!! LOL!

    I had a wild Thai kushie plant that was a real handfull last summer i clipped so many small stems/stalks and she still had probley 25 budsites.
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      I had a purple punch last year that ended up looking a lot like yours. It had an example of just about every deformation/recessive trait/abnormality I’ve ever heard of. There were leaves with every number of fingers from one to 13 (including odd and even numbers and some layering of fingers in a couple cases), self topping, leaf sites that didn’t line up with the sites on the opposite side, leaf sites with no growth node, growth nodes with no leaf, variegated leaves... the list goes on. I couldn’t figure out where it would be best to top her so I just left it grow. It was a little stunted but it did actually grow and produce bud, although not as much as the others. As tokabigone said, watch it for hermies.

      good luck!


        Maybe she don't like the nitrogen. Leaves look awfully dark but then if you aren't seeing tip burn or leaves yellowing and dying off quickly then I'd say she's just a strange plant...definitely an ugly looking fem...a 3 dressed up as a 9?
        I hope there is an afterlife...there are a lot of friends and family I'd like to see again, one day.


          I think you got a reveg going on, the smooth single leaves look like its had some kind of trouble along it journey. Now I also think that its a hermaphrodite as you have hairs turning brown. Could be poor genetics, could be from a environmental issue.
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            Thank you all for sharing your ideas and experience. I will keep an eye out for herm on this, though I have a few of these (grows so fast I had to keep taking clones to control it) and none have shown this tendency.


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              Thank goodness for those clones Professor should be interesting how they will grow up?

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