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    Outdoor grow - suggestions welcome!

    Hi Folks,

    I am planning the summer grow and trying to decide which seeds to order. I don’t find the seed searches particularly useful beyond name and thc level and a few other things but not so much in other categories. I am hoping you might provide a few recommendations. Sorry about the length of the post but hoping to give some info that will guide suggestions.

    In the summer I grow outdoors in my yard as well as indoors but this summer I am thinking just an outdoor grow because it becomes harder and more expensive to control the heat and I tend to travel in summer. I use an amended soil in 20 gallon cloth pots, not because I am good at preparing a nice live soil but because I am lazy and for outdoors I just mix up what I have to hand (garden soil, composted manure, vermiculite, etc). Sometime around mid-summer I will start adding liquid nutrients, depending on what I added to the pot at the start. I spend less effort ph-ing the water for outside grows but I do it sometimes. I am in the Toronto region so a nice warm summer but doesn’t last as long as some of our American friends. I start the plants indoor and try to give them an extra month that way although that is more veg time with flowering the same unless I have room to shift them inside at the end when it is getting cold. I don’t always have room because by then I am often getting ready for a fall grow. During the days they will have direct sun for much of the day but not all of it due to huge trees on neighbouring properties.

    What I would like in a perfect world is genetics that will encourage a plant that is huge, has high thc, stinky, colourful, good with an outdoor grow and provides a large yield. CBD is nice but not essential. Not a lot to ask for? 🙂.

    Being a touch more realistic, my order of preference for plant traits is:
    -size (I want it to be huge to have fun with the outdoor setting that I can’t generally do inside - I am jealous of some of the huge desert-grown plant photos I’ve seen)
    -something that will grow well outdoors and resist molds etc. (and doesn’t have a super long flowering cycle) - we get rain at times but I wouldn’t say it is a particularly wet area so molds are not a giant problem although we get our share of bugs
    -high thc
    -smell (any smell is fine but hoping whatever it is will be epic level stinky!)
    -colour (any colour will be fine, I just like the variety and a bit of colour on the buds always looks nice)
    -large yield (I assume plant size will have an impact on yield so that may be covered already)

    I have been into sativas recently but I don’t consider that an essential.

    Some plants that come to mind that I have already tried and liked that may (to some extent but not perfect match) meet the description are mimosa evo, pineapple chunk and liberty haze (strangely one of my indoor liberty haze plants is towering over the mimosa evo) but I wouldn’t mind something new. Northern lights grew quite well outside as you’d expect, with a nice peppery smell, but not as large as I would like. Hoping for a giant! 🙂

    Hopefully you can make some seed suggestions based on your favourites that might meet the above description.


    I grew a Jack Herer and a Durban Poison one summer that nearly swallowed me alive they got so big in 30gal. This was 4yrs ago and i don't grow big plants anymore i'm not that interested in the big ones. But fella those two were the greasy, stinky best 2 for my book. Nothing special no super tonic just really good mixed soil i made and lots of direct sun. Now i grow in 15gal which is enough for my style anymore. I like 6-7ft plants not 12-15ft LOL. We take off also 2-3days at a time and if it's really hot we'll lift them into a garden cart wheel them into shade while were gone.

    We are in Oregon so longer bit of sunshine here but still i will begin mid may to do seeds or clones. Blue Dream, Jack Herer can get really big outdoors. Just caution......before you put them out in those pots check to be sure your sunshine is longer than 12hrs. I had 7 beautiful 3ft plants all go into flower do to low light last year. Took 2months for reveg and more months of cleanning them up from dead flower nightmare. Man i hear really good things about that chunk and runtz strains.


    • DeadlyFruit
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      Thanks so much for the feedback and great suggestions. A greasy stinky 15 foot monster is exactly what I want 😀. I think it might have been desertdans plants I was jealous of but maybe I can make a good showing!

      Interesting about blooming because of shade rather than after sundown. I knew my plants started blooming outside before an exact 12-12 sundown by as much as an hour but never thought about the shade doing it. Everybody always talks about tiny light leaks and digital displays but just being in the shade is very interesting. I think I get enough sun in the yard but I’ll watch for it this year.

    You are looking for blue dream. The reliable cash cropper. Never grown it myself but it checks all the boxes


    • DeadlyFruit
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      Thanks 9finger, I’ll look that one up. Cheers

    The summer seed order has officially been placed. Given almost everything I was interested in and a lot of things I wasn’t were all sold out I ended up with the house brand of some seeds that were farther down my list, but hopefully they will turn out well.

    Pineapple Express #2
    White Widow

    Not sure if I’ll grow the white widow now or save it until the fall grow given I can only grow 4 plants and the first two are each 3 seed packages (the WW was a freebie).
    Thanks for the suggestions9fingerleafs and SoOrbudgal


      Happy Friday!

      Not to drag out the topic but thinking about it, does anyone have experience with Pineapple Express #2 or Zkittles? If I were to grow the white widow outdoors in the summer, which of the other two would you only grow one of (to maintain my four plant legal limit)? Not sure if it matters but they are all the house brand seeds from True North Seed Bank (Canuck Seeds).


      • SoOrbudgal
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        I have not grown Zkittles outdoors but indoors i have and just harvested one couple weeks back. I have a huge fondness for indica dominant strains indoor or outdoor. Ain't it hard to choose dang. I'm still undecided which seed i'm going with.

      • DeadlyFruit
        DeadlyFruit commented
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        Oh nice, glad to hear the zkittles could be a good one. Yes it is hard. When you invest time and money into a hobby you love you want to give it some thought before going forward.

        So what are your options for the summer grow? Anything on a short list? I hope your selection is better than mine was.

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