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    HELP! True north seed bank

    Are these guys any good? What are their reputation like?

    I just ordered from them last week for the first time. They got me by having Crockett's Tangie regs in stock. I don't remember anyone on this forum having a problem with them. Like a lot of seedbanks, you're at a big advantage paying in Bitcoin and ordering $200 or more at a time. I'll try to get back here when I receive my order.
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      I have bought from them in the past. Delivered as promised for me. No surprises, arrived in good time.
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        I’ve used them a number of times with absolutely no problems. They are my go-to here in Canada because they have good selection and I think they are relatively local to where I live so hopefully deliveries are faster than they might have been. The last couple orders took longer than expected to deliver but I think that is pandemic related and not a reflection on the seed bank. All my seeds usually pop fine from them except from one particular big name seed producer where I get more duds and genetic weirdness than the others. Not sure why with that one in particular. Again, this is probably unrelated to the seed bank itself. Could just be a fluke.

        In particular I like them because they don’t just sell their own line so I can get seeds from many suppliers, whereas most of the others I've looked up around here sell only their own versions of things, and some of those in other countries won’t ship herer are available from TNSB.

        In short, I don’t think you should have any problems. I am about to put in a new order to them as we speak. Trying to decide what the spring outdoor grow will be.


          I've used them in the past - selection is adequate - most popular are never in stocks- they are just middle men - bought 10 Buddha seeds for a hundred bucks (us dollars) and only 2 germinated - I complained and they told me they are just distributors if I want to complain then I should direct my anger to the seed producer.
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          • DeadlyFruit
            DeadlyFruit commented
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            Interesting, I thought they had better customer service than that. Too bad, they should have a better approach to those situations - maybe connecting you to the right avenue to complain directly to the seed producer and/or providing some credit on your next purchase. Unfortunately, seeds that don’t pop are a risk of growing but they should have a better way to handle than just shrugging and saying it isn’t my problem. I’ve never had to complain about something with them but it is the times that things go wrong that prove how good a company is at customer service.

          • Canuck147
            Canuck147 commented
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            Was years ago - before legalization - most seeds one bought back then had disclaimers on the packaging stating they were souvenirs and should not be germinated.

          Buyer beware...some have good luck while others...apparently a LOT of others...aren't so happy.


          • PLreef
            PLreef commented
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            Those are some pretty shitty reviews.

          • UndergroundFarmer
            UndergroundFarmer commented
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            It would be nice if those reviews told you what state or province the reviewer lives in. It seems the common themes with the bad reviews are package seizures with no insurance and beans that won't sprout. So if all goes well, great. When it doesn't, they don't appear to be very good at smoothing things over.

          I've ordered from them many times. Always got what i ordered within two weeks. Im in Canada and this is a Canadian company for what its worth. I was reading some of the reviews and looks like most had issues at customs. If your ordering from them but are in the US or other, i would suggest including one of their gift ideas,hat,shirt,mug, etc(so they can conceal seeds) AND Insurance. I Did have one issue a few yrs back and was short 4 seeds(ordered 5 and got one) Sent e-mail..Don't bother...just call and wait to speak with someone. Sent me a 5 pack of my original order and another 8 assorted freebies.
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            I can only speak for me but they have delivered exactly right on the last 4 or 5 orders so they are not a total scam, they are more likely just really bad at customer service. i was curious and read a number of the reviews and the negative ones almost all relate to customs... it is a terrible thing to have them stopped but you can hardly blame the seed bank for that.

            out of curiosity does anyone know a similar Canadian middleman type seed operation with better reviews (or at all)? I would love a little selection and could be swayed away with better reviews.


            • homegrown
              homegrown commented
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              Hey DeadlyFruit, i have ordered from Sonoma Seeds BC i think, and Canuk seeds. (Which might be the same company as True North Seed Bank) Haven't really looked for any others. Im sure there's more. i think Quebec has some but as far as ordering from them..i have not.

            Originally posted by homegrown View Post
            Hey DeadlyFruit, i have ordered from Sonoma Seeds BC i think, and Canuk seeds. (Which might be the same company as True North Seed Bank) Haven't really looked for any others. Im sure there's more. i think Quebec has some but as far as ordering from them..i have not.
            Thanks homegrown, I’ll check out Sonoma seeds. I’ve had canuk but they were the freebies from TNSB so I assumed they were the house brand (not to disparage them - they always grew well). I’d had a look at a couple in Quebec but they just sold their own seeds.


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