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  • CaptainWiese91
    commented on 's reply
    They don’t produce more trichomes because they lack oxygen in the root zone. It’s strain genetic it depends on.

    And more leaves will not stop or slow trichomes production either..

  • Carlosmagnus
    commented on 's reply
    Oh and yeah I thought I specified it, but it's definately autos

  • Carlosmagnus
    Okay! So from what I understand they are already producing trichomes because of the lack of perlite and ability of the plant to grow bigger, so it's redirecting the energy to trichomes production. Make sense!

    Yeah the 3 big pots is sphagnum peat with perlite, this explaining why they are growing bigger.

    Alright, well I'll post some pic here as soon as the trichomes are showing up

    Thanks for your help guys!

    Btw : A friend of mine who has some experience told me that it might be because the 3 big ones have too much leaves, could it stop or at least slow the trichomes production ?

    As a reminder, they are 1 month and 20 days old.

    Thanks again!

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  • Catfish22
    That's why I like to start in the solo cup. Get the roots going and then to final pot.
    Autos don't have the time it takes to grow a big root structure in a large pot before they start above ground growth.

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  • Canuck147
    Look like autoflowers - first pic shows what happens when ones grow medium doesn't have enough aeration for the roots (little perlite). Had you had more perlite - the roots would be happier and your plants much much bigger and healthier than they are now.

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  • Carlosmagnus
    started a topic A begginer's wonder

    A begginer's wonder

    Hi everyone,

    I hope yall is doing great !

    First of all let me specify that I'm nothing of an experienced grower and this is my very first indoor, nevertheless I try to understand as best as I can every aspect of it and tend to study my sh*t.
    But please if you see errors in my posts, correct me as long as your energy and patience are in sufficient quantities haha

    First let me give you some specs on my setup:

    1m² tent
    480W Full spectrum LED (Pureled)
    H.A.T. : always in the correct region
    CO2 boost bag since day 30

    Alright so here's the little question I have :

    I have different strains from 2 different seedbanks in the tent, 3 strains from Barneys farm and 1 from SweetSeeds :

    Barneys :

    1x Runtz ; 1x Wedding Cake ; 1x Dos Si Dos

    SweetSeeds :

    7x Black Cream (which is just a pheno hunt for purple genetics they made on their famous Cream Caramel)

    Alright so, I planted the 3 barneys first, and after over a week and a half I finally decided to plant the 7 sweetseeds.

    And surprise suprise, while the barneys keep growing but do not produce trichomes, the sweetseeds (youngest) are already producing pollen and nugs since day 21 after sprouting!!!

    Here's some pictures so you can see what Im talking about.

    I thought at first that it would only be a few days and that the barneys would catch up, but they're over a month and a half old now and still no sign of trichomes

    What do you guys think ? Can it just be genetic??

    I'm giving the same nutrients to everyone, but the barneys are in bigger pots so they get more water.

    If you think you'd need more info to answer please dont hesitate asking!

    Cheers and happy grow everyone!

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