This is some Chocolope on day 39 of veg. Using Ocean Forest soil with added perlite. Using GH trio with calmag. Temps around 70. Basically these leaves started to go brown about a week ago. A few weeks ago, I underwatered her for an extra day, she didnt like it, and some of the leaves discolored yellowish. Since then, she has been getting watered every 2 days. I've been light on the veg nutrients cause I'm using Ocean forest soil, and really right around now, from what I've read, is when that soil starts to run out of nutrients. I thought this was a phosphorous issue so about a week ago I gave her some of the foxfarm guano supplement, and yesterday I gave her the early flower mix of the GH trio, trying to boost her phosphates. Not sure I'm seeing any improvement, so wanting a fresh set of eyes on this. Is this phosphorous, or some other issue?
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