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Am I ready to switch to 12/12?

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    HYDRO Am I ready to switch to 12/12?

    Am I ready to switch to 12/12?

    this is my first grow and thanks to Nebula and her phenomenal website, it is going like gangbusters.

    I am 42 days from germ on the white widow on the right and 38 for the alien rock candy on the left (lost 2 seeds to wet feet in germ, but learned a lesson). My original plan was to wait till 60 days, but a friend who grows told me they are getting to big to wait. Since I don’t have experience, I don’t want to f it up.

    I ordered my seeds from seedsman (thanks nebula!) and I used some of the free seeds they sent for my first grow. I have a Mars hydro TSW 2000 and a 3x3x6 grow tent. I am top fed DWC and using gen hydroponic trio with cal mag, bio guard and tap water. Def needed the cal mag, I cut back to 2.5 ml/gallon and got mag def. went back to 5ml/gal and not a hint of a problem since. I am doing everything that nebula recommended, except I may have gotten a little plucky on the Alien Rock Candy, but it doesn’t seem to mind. I FIMd them both, but missed on the ARC and had to hit it again. The widow is growing like a dream. I am trying to split my tent with them on the screen.

    I know I should only grow one at a time, but the main reason I am growing (other than obviously wanting endless green) is for variety. I have a Mars hydro TS 1000 (realized it wouldn’t work for flower) and I am thinking of making a separate tent for clones/veg and doing them in individual 5 gallon buckets. Then I can use my big light for a 4 plant flower tent with each plant getting a quarter of the tent (2.25 sq ft.).

    I plumbed and wired a setup in my crawl space, even got a sump pump for water changes that pumps it to the outside hose bib and can change my water in 20 minutes. I have the sump pump in a tote line with egg crate foam, so you can barely hear it next to it. It’s super ninja and I think nebula would be proud, but that’s for a different post.

    essentially, my question is, should I run them through the screen before flower or switch soon and run them through the screen in flower?
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    You can flip plants any time you like. It all depends how big you want them to be.


      Nice man, I'm on my first too, I hope mine turns out like this. I'm at 2 weeks


        You can flip at anytime. (Nice healthy looking plants!!)). If it was my call, I would wait a week or so and let more of the bud sites reach the net. When the stretch starts after the flip all the sites at the top of the canopy will go ape shit and anything that hadn't made it to the net will continue to lag in growth and never really produce. Keep us posted.
        Old school outdoor renegade finally indoors and legit.
        5x5 DIY flower room with 3 nets. 600w Hid mars hydro 600(100w) and Chinese led (150w actual).. Promix C coco mix +20% course perlite. General hydro nutes at slightly under full dose+ cal mag and molasses every other water.
        wishing you peace on your particular path....


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          Thank you so much for your response, Yooper. I thought that, but wasn’t sure. From what I have gathered off the site and forums, I should de-leaf everything under the net right before 12/12. Is this correct? Am I supposed to take the bud sites too?

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