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    Help with scrog grow

    I've tried this before on my own and feel miserably, so I'm hoping I can get some good advice here.

    My plants are currently at about two weeks and they're under a total of 1600 Watts in a 4x4 grow tent.

    I've got a fan going, a humidifier to keep it best I can at or a little above 32%.

    I've got an exhaust fan I've been keeping the temperature in the tent between 70 and 80°.

    I've already topped once, a second topping May happen depending on the advice I get here.

    I just went ahead and placed my net, and I absolutely do not know what to do at this point if anything. Another issue is that I'm using very high in soil. I have a bottle of nutrients arriving this week and wondering if I'm using premium soil should I even bother with adding nutrients?

    No experience myself with srogging but there is tons of info here (below) :
    Use the "Screen of Green" technique to create an even cannabis canopy and get bigger yields from your grow lights. This tutorial will show you how...
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      I have around the same relative humidity in my tent. I added a humidifier and had to put my inline fan on a timer to keep humidity levels up... somewhere usually in the 50-57% range, for veg. Even with the fan on low. I run it 15 mins every 2 hours and conditions have been better. It's not ideal but, It's a cheap fix to the problem. There are inline fans you can buy that will self correct based on rh and heat.

      my last grow was a scrog. I'm no expert. I've done a scrog twice but here's what I would have liked to have known before I started one...

      once you tuck your branches through the scrog, pruning becomes a little more time consuming because you can't really move the plant anymore.

      stretch long branches out to the corners and edges of the scrog and let the rest fill in. Once the lower branches get the same quality light that the tops were they will start to catch up. Tuck them into each hole of the net until the canopy is full and even. And prune where necessary to give good light penetration and air movement.

      And leave enough height for your lights after the flower stretch

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        Hi sbcomposer, GWE has some legit Scrog experts who will likely be helpful, but here are a few ideas for you to consider:
        • Your humidity is *really* low for the temperature in your room. Without belaboring the details, check the VPD chart below and see if you can hit "The Green Zone" in your grow room.
        • Do you plan on topping them for a manifold, or training to help the screen spread them out for a flat canopy?
        • You want your screen to be about eight inches above the soil, hard to tell from your pics.
        • The mesh of your screen looks pretty large so you don't have as many options as the tucking process unfolds. I think three inch screens are more common, Mine is 2"x3"
        • Your screen is pretty small overall for four plants, they will likely fill it to overflow.
        • Most importantly: DON'T WEAVE BRANCHES! Let your new shoots grow a few inches above the screen then TUCK THEM UNDERNEATH AND OUTWARD. (sorry for SHOUTING but weaving defeats the purpose and you end up with an annoying trellis.)
        Very nice looking plants though. Perhaps you could save yourself some angst and ditch the Scrog idea this time around, you'll still get a nice yield along with a big pile of helpful experience.

        Just my $0.02, best of luck.

        Click image for larger version

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          Looking at your pictures I would suggest to remove the net at this point. 1) you still need to work the plant at this young age and the net is in the way 2) it needs to not be touching the heater, in fact I see more then one fire hazard in that space. Those heaters need 3 feet of clear space around it, the net and the walls of your tent can't touch it, and when the plants get bigger they will burn if they come in contact will the heat. all the cords need to be off the ground as well because water and electricity do not mix well.

          For that space you are not doing much good with that many plants and a net, looks like a 3×3ish tent and one plant would be a good candidate for that as a ScRog. If you planned on a short veg time you have a better Option as a Sog with that many plants and then the net could be used to help support the colas but a little higher then you have it now.

          My best advice is ditch the net, clean up the cords and remove that heater from inside the tent.
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            Good eye there Mr.furley i was hoping a newbie or someone else would bring that to growers attention.

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            If I may pile on, use cable ties (get them now if you don't have them) to secure the power strip as high as you can in the tent. In shorter tents, I tie it to a bar in the upper corner and in bigger tents, to the most convenient vertical pole more than halfway up. I use the same kind of heater in my grow room but not inside the tent.

          Here is the grow at about 3 weeks in. I am seeing a lot more tops than normal so the scrogging seems to be working. Another week or two and I think time to switch to flowering.


            Do as you want


              I'm new to growing and I'm using a net on my "sea of Green" 7 plant auto-flower grow. I trained all the plants to grow off to the side in order to get more bud sites, but then the colas became difficult to manage. I use the net to not only organize them, but you can use it as anchor points to help guide the canopy level to where you want. I'm thinking about adding a second net for when the colas get a little taller to add more stability. I hope this helps, as I said I am an ametuer at this.


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                Using a second net for spindly plants with heavy buds like OGs is a damn good idea and quite a few of us do that!

              We're now at 4 weeks, and I'll be switching to 12/12 starting tonight.


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                do as you want thanks for showing us good luck

              Well sir, you are always welcome to ask for advise but if you don't heed it, you are on your own. i wish you good luck finishing up.
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                Fire waiting to happen........
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                  Remember try to keep your canopy uniformly like most of us do. A pic of my past grow using my net.
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