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    Nutrient feeding


    I just received my first batch of FF nutrients and I need some help understanding the feeding schedule.

    The schedule provided by FF instructs me to use a certain amount per gallon of water, this makes sense and I know to use less than instructed in the beginning.

    My question is how much of this water should be given to my plant?

    I have 3 plants, all from bag seeds, that I just re-planted into 3 gallon pots. If I understand correctly, I should mix a gallon of water with the necessary nutrients according to the FF schedule, and water my plants until I see water running out of the bottom of the planter. If I need more water, mix another gallon with the necessary nutes and continue watering.

    Is this correct?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    yup just like it says. the one gallon is just the amount of water needed to properly dilute the nutrients. As long as the pots have proper drainage, you can water ntil you see 10-20% overflow coming out the drain holes (or fabric if you use fabric pots). Water again with plain PH'd water the next watering and then start the cycle again. Just remember to let the soil/coir dry out until the first 2 inches deep of soil is dry to the touch.
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