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    Originally posted by Dummy View Post I made a batch of oil and filtered it through a coffee filter and got a very nice, smooth oil. Injected it into the vape cartridge. Screwed it into the battery won't hit. My last attempt it worked.. meaning I got many hits and I got my medicine. Now, the oil is in the cartridge. I push the battery button hit. I thought it would take a while for the oil to work it's way into the mechanism. It's been a few hours and I....Still.Can't.Get.A.Hit. it's frustrating af. Should I buy a new cartridge? Help please and thanks in advance.
    Sounds like u have a handle on the oil process. This is the type of product I use in a vape. The vape I have has a chamber with a ceramic heater, just put a dab of oil in the chamber and go. Not familiar with the cartridges, but that sounds like what commercial produce and may be causing the vape/lung problems for people with the additives. Maybe your vape doesn't like what u made. Try a different vape?


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