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WM won’t stop coming back

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    HELP! WM won’t stop coming back

    I can’t figure out why the WM continues to return after I get rid of it all.
    fans blowing 24/7 w/ 6” exhaust duct to outside. 4” duct with fan coming in from outside, tent is 60x60x72 so exchange is adequate. Constant leaf movement via internal fans for circulation.
    I can totally rid the tent and ladies of any sign of WM by wiping leaves with wet paper towel, then complete dousing via mister loaded with a mix of lost coast plant therapy and usually a second round of complete misting of the entire inside of tent as well as everything in it.
    it may be a week or 2 before I see any signs of the WM returning, but it’s always back
    last 2 grows have had the problem.
    I need to put and end to it somehow!
    please HELP!

    I had it pretty bad at the end of my first grow. After the grow was done I used a 50/50 bleach and water solution and sprayed the shit out of everything. I mean everything! Inside of hoses, lights, exhaust fan inside and out. Really soaked the tent seams.. Every square inch. All it takes is one spore and you have it all over again.
    I cleaned like that 2 days in a row, gave it a break for a week and did it again. Haven't seen any (knocks on wood) since.
    5x5 Gorilla tent
    Spectrum King SK402 - 2× Optic XL1
    Infinity T8 exhaust fan
    Technaflora nutes
    Nectar of the Gods soil


      Don't wait for it to show back up. Re=treat the plants every other day or so. Then do a twice weekly preventative spray. Do some research on the effects on the plant by doing repeated treatments. I've heard there is some concern about plugging the stomata and drying the leaves out. You're just not getting it all when you treat it.


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        Thats what i mean, it travels tru plant and remains dormant

      • homegrown
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        Agree with smoorman. Re treat the plant regularly. I use lost coast plant therapy as well, and found that once WPM is spotted, spray the plant(everywhere, till its dripping wet, let it dry off in a breeze NOT under lights, repeat next day. and then set a routine to spray a couple of times a week. Its a pain in the ass but im growing in a old basement that fluctuates in humidity and temps every day.

      Thanks for the input, that’s what I figured, I will definitely try the bleach thing once I can empty out the room. I just really thought I got a complete cleaning done when it didn’t return for 2 weeks, and now I’m ready to flip to 12/12 so once flowers start it isn’t really possible to get a complete cleaning of the plants any more
      was really hoping to make it through this grow before having a full shutdown and clean out, but it’s not looking good at this point for the LA kush run.


        Its a systemic pathogen in the sense that once it infects the inside of the leaves the spores are ready to bloom once they get the chance. Need to get fresh plants from what ive heard. I have never encountered white powdery mildew, im just throwing a facte into the discussion


          Sorry if I missed it, but what are your temps and humidity level?
          good luck solving.
          BioCanna nutrient line, Canna BioTerra coco, Viparspectra XS2000 240w LED, 3 gallon fabric pots, 32x32x63” tent in basement.


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