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    Have 3 pots with plants on different stages

    One is flowering and the others are on veg

    Currently run 18/6 light/dark

    Should I switch to 12/12?
    What's my best move?

    The one in flower should stay in the 18/6 light cycle as it’s automatically flowering, and does not need the 12/12. It will finish it’s entire life in the 18/6.

    how old are the other ones in veg? Are they autoflower as well?


      Flowering pot - 3-4 month

      The others are about 1 month +-

      I don't know the strain I just picked some seeds




          This is just me, but I’d wait a couple more weeks to see if the others in veg start to flower automatically (most auto’s will flower after 3-5 weeks)

          If they don’t start to flower in a couple weeks, then they are for sure photoperiod plants and will need the 12/12 flip to start their flowering.
          I’d still wait a few weeks either way to flip if they are photos, they could get a bit bigger/bushier before flowering, otherwise they won’t produce much.

          If they are photoperiods, you can veg them until you harvest the one in flower, and then put them in 12/12 to start their flower, or,
          find a new spot for either the ones in veg to start 12/12, or a place for the one in flower to stay in the 18-6.

          I only recommend this because auto’s really don’t like to change from 18-6 to 12-12 halfway through flower

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