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    SOIL Mag def?

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ID:	483493 Thinking a slight mag def! Already prepping for adjusts. Has anyone had this before? Some of the stems are getting some red tint! Leaves look fine, ph is between 6.5-7.0 same with runoff! I did change my schedule of nutes 2 days ago, not sure if that has anything to do with it, my other plant is fine. I will keep a close eye on it and will get some mag lime for now, very easy to get.

    The purple in the stems is likely a reaction to light, can be from genetics as well, not anything to worry with.


      Rwise It did do the same thing on my other plant and kinda alarmed me but it went away. Now its doing the same to this one. I have 3 low watt cfls above it, maybe 4 in away. Temp is staying between 21-26c, rh fluctuates between 40-50! Question, so i finally got some decent nites A&B style. Full feeding is 40ml each for 10L, since it was its first introduction to it and i didnt want to go full strenght, i did 20ml of A and 15ml of B. Being that my plants are bigger in the veg stage, how would you do it and how often? Would it be safe to feed this dosage everytime or once every 2 feeds? Should i up the dosage?


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        I dont use those, I use organic soil and add Roots Organics grow/bloom on top (its dry) as I think its needed.

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