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    PH Fluctuations

    Ok, i have a question since my plants are showing signs from ph fluctuations. I put all my nutes in the water and mix it, i then let it sit for a while before i add the ph-down. After ph-down is added I'm within the range of 6.4-6.7 but since my plants are showing that something is wrong i checked the ph again in the same bottle that was 6.5 a couple of days ago. It was now under 6.0. The bottle has been standing for 2-3 days since my first measure, so my question is- does the ph in the water drop more after each day? Hope it made sense

    Are they in hydro or coco or soil? If they aren't in hydro, you should probably be shooting for somewhere around 6.0 when you are watering/feeding. I have had premixed/pHed solution sit a few days and need its pH adjusted again, so not much of a surprise there. If you're growing in hydro, you should be aiming for 5.5-6.0 in their nutrient solution. Try the tutorials for help diagnosing your plant issues. Most are pH-related but sometimes there's something else like too small of a pot (rootbound) or grow room temperatures and relative humidity.
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      They are in soil, temp pots and humidity is as it should. I first thought it was nitrogen deficiency, but since i have all the nutes required i checked the ph again and noticed that it had dropped under 6. So it is to low. But then i know that it can change after a couple of days, thank you for your answer

    You should measure your ph and adjust after mixing it instead of letting everything settle then taking your ph readings. I only mix enough water for that watering instead of making a big batch and letting it sit. May do good to flush your plants at a higher ph 6.8-7 with light chemicals
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      I use acid to bring the ph down.. It seems to be stable for a few days and thats all is needed. I did notice when I started using half distilled water : tap water it was more stable.


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