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Need help, leaves dying, burned tip/ yellow

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    SOIL Need help, leaves dying, burned tip/ yellow

    Hello fellow Growers,

    Let me explain the situation.

    -I'm growing autoflower northen light. She is 4 weeks old.
    -using biobizz soil
    - ph is correct, 6.5.
    - using 1/2 of recomended dose of "plagron 100% terra grow" and nothing else.
    -using VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W LED, at the minimum height recommended (60cm) and only on veg light, (blue light)
    - temperature is 25celcius / 77 Farenheight.
    - using tap water that i leave for 2 days to get rid of the chlorine.

    And yet, this is happening, leaves are not falling on their own, just turning, pale yellow, like an old very dry leave. It starts at the "top of the leave" and works its way down.

    It happens to the older, bigger leaves, more exposed to light. but doesn't really look like light burn to me.

    I'm lost i don't understand what is going on, i need your expertise on this one.

    Thank you for your answers !

    Happy growing.

    See the link at the top of this page "Plant Problems" find your issue and follow the "Read More" link


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