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    Kool bloom

    Anyone out there use kool bloom and what is your opinion on it?

    I grow in Hydro and started to use liquid KoolBloom through flowering of my 4th grow season last fall. From what I seen of my first 3 growing seasons to the last was the buds are definitely much denser and seemed to be larger than the previous grows. From what I've seen so far I give it a thumbs up, and in late May early June when I plan to be harvesting again if results are repeated I will then be willing recommend it.


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    Howdy Pops, I have been using the Liquid KoolBloom for the last four grows and started using the dry KoolBloom on the last grow. I can say that the buds have been denser a larger since using it and would recommend it's use yo anyone. The last grow yielded The grow prior to using the KoolBloom (liquid or ry) yielded 9.5 , the next grow yielded 12.8 oz. of bud (with the Liquid KoolBloom), and the last grow yielded 14.66 oz. using both the liquid and the dry KoolBloom.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


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