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My First Opinion of Golden Tiger X Panama (GTXP)

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    My First Opinion of Golden Tiger X Panama (GTXP)

    Last week, I went through the time and effort to leave a review on Seedsman. For some reason, many of my reviews are deleted soon after posting... this turned out to be one of them.

    I will focus on providing my opinion (FWIW) here. The censor banhammer seems much more reasonable. Plus, our illustrious Farmbuck was inquiring about my results.

    Days from seed = 113 Days in Flower = 82 Note: Refer to my profile line at the bottom for my setup

    ACE Seeds recommends a vegetative period of only 15 days. This is to mitigate flowering stretch and big internodal distances. After a brief consultation here, I discarded that advice and went with 30 days.

    I topped her but never needed to defoliate. I did run out of vertical room and burned a couple of buds.

    My yield is somewhat disappointing, especially since the buds are pretty airy. GTXP is the BEST tasting bud I've vaped. The effects are typical Sativa, in that I don't feel couch lock or tired but definitely "altered stateish"

    I currently have two more GTXP seeds on a paper towel, praying for them to pop. I intend to follow the breeder's recommendation this time. Obviously for me, it's worth at least one more go!
    A his own mind - Grower's Choice 315 W LEC, 4' X 2' X 5' Tent GH Flora Trio/Calmag coco/perlite

    Nice! Got any pics? I currently have a panama and a golden tiger from ace in flower. I also have a malawi from them.. love sativas. I wanted to pick up a few more and thought about gdxp but apparently ace doesnt ship to the US anymore.. major bummer. I havent seen the stretch in golden tiger yet but its still early in flower. Panama on the other hand stretched like ive never seen. Im blown away at how fast and how thoroughly it filled up my tent.


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      No, no pics. I have to be a little security conscious...but it was sad, anyway. I probably got an oz. at most. I am not complaining, as I had been warned and am all about experimentation. I figured, when I first read the instructions, that topping the plant would solve any vertical issues. It didn't and that's on me. One of my GTXP seeds is ready for its solo cup. This time, my vegetative stage will be greatly curtailed, in addition to the topping.

      I am loving this hobby, not just for the supply but the knowledge I'm gaining is priceless.

    Thanks for posting this. ACE has a fascinating line of seeds.


      I'm glad you gonna give GTXP a second chance, I'm sure you have learn much about her. It's like me with their Thai Chi, I was a bit disappointed about the yield and the damn spider mites on her that screw my harvest and my severe allergic due to Neem but the few joint I had was like going back to the old days of Thai stick... Will I grow her again ? Of course !! Remember my friend the Golden Tiger is mostly Thai dominant therefore airy buds are like the Thai Chi but what a smoke !!

      Oh yeah I'm growing again their Kali China, a beautiful cross between a Kali Mist and a Yunnan.
      Last edited by Farmbuck; 01-11-2021, 01:12 AM.
      Viparspectra P2000, Viparspectra P1500, KingLed 2000,KingLed 1500
      Pro-Mix organic, perlite
      4 Kali China, 6 Mazar Kush, 11 Kali 47

      And trying to grow Mexican landraces in the Yucatan. Well why not eh !!


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        Heck, I'm in this for the long haul. My mother was a Christian Scientist. We didn't go to a lot of doctors growing up. I learned some practical alternatives (not from the religion) for some ailments. Cannabis is one of them. I'm all about the learning and studying my results, over time.

        I am glad that I use coco-coir /perlite. I haven't had to deal with spider mites, although I thought I had one at one point.

        Thai stick...ah the mem...what, what is this Tye Styk you speak of? I am FAR too young to remember the ancient strains

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