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    I'm round about switching time with my two OGKZ girls, but as you can see from the pics, things are not going great!

    I've no real temperature control up there, so the harsh winter we're currently experiencing around my way is trouble. Haven't seen temps above 20c in my tent since Christmas. Looks good for a bit of a change soon so hopefully I can get to flowering. I've got a small heater in there but it's nowhere near powerful enough, so a new one will be needed for next winter!

    20C ain’t too bad...i purposely run my tent at 23C. One thing you can do to help increase some heat in the tent is add an incandescent light bulb in front of a fan.

    What is your humidity at?
    Over 30 yrs of back pain management without ever having a pharmacist give me a bottle of pills. Thank you Mother Nature and all the hippies from the β€˜60s that became weed-masters.


      Humidity is about 50%, sadly no spare sockets to plug anything else in πŸ˜‚


      • JohnEmad
        JohnEmad commented
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        I grew some OGKZ from Humbolt S O that turned out pretty nice. Where are these from?

      • YYCannabis
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        50% RH is good. If you can, try to avoid letting it get lower.

      • Damngrower
        Damngrower commented
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        These are Humbolt too! Lucky I got them before they got raised πŸ˜‚
        I've had it before too, one pheno is up there in my top 3 smokes of all time!

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