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Roots, Topping, Transplant!

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    COCO COIR Roots, Topping, Transplant!

    Okay guys, im starting to see smalls roots that will eventually poke out the bottom of the soil. Here is what im planning to do because im waiting to transplant next week when my coco coir and new pots come in, keep in mind i got a week to transplant. I want to top my plant which is about 15 in, do you think the roots will hold off and not grow as fast and pull more energy to the lower leaves to grow upwards? Also i will be transplanting from potting soil to coco coir, will that be any issue? Reason i ask is because i dont want to transplant now and when my new stuff comes in transplant again, i feel like i should have a better chance and less issues switching to coco coir! Correct me if im wrong! If i top and transplant in a week, according to how the plant reacts, then im hoping for better flowering in the coco coir, as im hoping to start flowering in a few weeks!

    I'm kind of curious why you would switch grow mediums in the middle of the grow? If it was me, I'd just wait until the next ones since it's already so big.


      Im sure you have done this alot more than me, so i think i will take your advice and stick with same grow medium. It was just a thought. I just ordered some seeds, as long as i dont have any trouble getting them here then i will use the coco coir for other grows. Appreciate your insight!


        Yeah I transitioned to soil from hydro. While it's easier to switch mid-grow to switch from hydro, I don't really know about coco. I have thought about getting some coco to try a grow with it, but I went soil so I didn't have to mix nutrients (I'm a little lazy sometimes). Anyway, it can be done I'm sure but it may add to your veg time. This is a very resilient plant, really hard to kill them once they get going lol


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Name:	6F2449CE-1AC7-4216-8650-13EEDFC08FAA.jpeg
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ID:	480503 Whats your thoughts on autos? I ordered autos from msnl as i think it would be an easier try next go round! I have 2 current plants, i plan on topping the taller one and i need to transplant both of them as i can see a lil root popping out the bottoms! I will try to clone the one for topping. I have had good luck so far and no issues. I have ordered a better setup with all the right stuff! Be glad to hear and share your input on anything. Thanks alot


            I have only grown a couple of autoflowers and I didn't have a lot of luck with them. I still have a few so I'm going to keep trying until I run out and hope for better luck yield-wise. I'm going to try a method another user posted a few weeks ago "How I average a pound per plant" by BU2B which requires photos. I have a lot of space so I can do a few different things at once, so I'll be throwing in a few autoflowers as well in a little bit. There's a lot of people here that prefer them and do pretty well.


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