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    What happened?

    took two cuttings from a plant right before switching the mother to flower. Then vegged the clones for 4 weeks. When I switched it to the flowering cycle, something weird happened to one plant. it looked like it stretched and the buds weren't looking full. The leaves had 3 leaflets or 1. Pictures will be posted. It would be cool if someone could tell me what it is. I chopped the plant down, just in case it was a virus.

    Two clones exact same age, grown in exactly the same manner? Nothing done differently between the two? I'm assuming the other one looks great?


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      yeah. I harvested approx. a month ago and everything turned out fine on the other one.

    Welcome to the world of cloning bro! You will have wierd defencies like that with some clones it's just how they grow. It also depends on when you cut as well. You could have cut the wierd leaf and let it grow to harvest! I always have at least 4 clones going and 1 or 2 always get wierd then grow out just fine and the buds taste just as good! Hope this helps. Peace and positive vibes!
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