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How to stop thiefs?

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    Ive seen cheap driveway motion detectors at Harbor Freight that are battery powered, but you do seem limited by distance with these. Our sign reads:

    No Trespassing
    We travel at 1200 feet per second 🔫DO YOU???🔫
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    Viparspectra VA1200
    (2) GE 4' Flowering LED bars FF trio/Tiger Bloom/Happy Frog soil
    Intake fan/exhaust w 4" scrubber
    Alot of empty pickle jars and Led Zepp on repeat...

    Peace, Love & Happy Harvesting


      I have no warning signs. Only lets thief’s know what your working with. I know a YouTube grower that says he sleeps outside in a camping tent with a shotgun when his ladies are close to harvest because that’s when thief’s are likely to try to rob him. Plus traps but who knows what kind or how he sets them up.


        I don’t have any system at this time but I’m looking into something like Ring.
        they have two apps, the main Ring and Neighbors apps. Once you register an account it will activate logon in both. You can have an account without owning any equipment. Neighbors app is like a neighborhood watch.

        In the Neighbors app you set a parameter with your house as center and it reports crimes that other members post within the perimeter.
        I’ve set my perimeter to 5 miles. Each crime occurrence post notifies me in text.
        In the app people upload their Ring Camera videos.

        Man are criminals gutsy! The one thing I noticed after a year of looking at these videos, the ones with flood lights and motion sensors are those that really send the criminals running or at least stumbling away fast.

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          In all reality folks and the Jokes aside I don’t think harmful traps and shotguns it what OP wants he lives in a community and from my experience being a shit head teenager myself once. It’s the kids who are most likely to rob you. I do think learning your lesson at that age is really important but I don’t think it should be done in a way to hurt them. Lots of ppl suggesting motion sensors and this day age u can get so many of them they send phone notifications too. Shit still happens tho like I have 2 guard dogs on duty here and cameras yet still my truck alarm was set off at 1:34 am and it was my phone that let me know...not sure wtf the dogs were doing. I am pro motions sensor/camera but that leaves u going out to confront these thieves. I would get to fence it off and make it hard to access for anyone without a key combined with the motion sensors. Fence may seem extra and if your doing one outdoor crop it is, if you plan to keep doing them for years then it’s a smart play.


            Thanks for all the non lethal advice guys ! I think a couple of motion sensors would be cool . Im in Australia so whipping out a shotgun and shooting someone ain't the norm down under !


              Definitely not worth shooting someone over a plant. That just Americans being crazy lol. Or paranoid. I would think anyone stealing buds would be ready to shoot you for it as well. Better to scare them away with an alarm system set off by motion sensors


              • MrPNW
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                Rig up a light sensor, that when it goes off, it sends out a loud alarm call with a bunch of barking dogs. That combination would get their adrenaline going.

              I now a dude that bought his wife a new Camaro, it got stolen when he got it back from the shop he had a top line alarm put in it. That night they stole the alarm the next the car.
              Good luck!


              • Tumbleweed
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                One of the most ironic things I've seen was having a shoplifter steal a padlock. I LMAO over the fact that some thief stole a lock to keep other people with his same mentality from doing on to him what he did to others.

              • Mazzariman
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                True story. When I was 10 (1969), me and my next door neighbor skipped school and went into the Vons market on Van Nuys Blvd. (famous for the Wednesday cruise nights) with a brown paper bag folded up, and went to the toy section. We loaded up the bag and our pockets with toys and then walk right out the from door! Some hippies saw us through the window and marched us back in to turn us in! I was like, how could they do that to us!?! LAPD came and took us to the station, put us into a room and said to take off our shoes and empty our pockets of any stolen goods. I emptied my pockets and then stashed a Gumby and Pokey and two Hot Wheels in my shoes! Dumb cops didn't even look in my shoes. They called our moms, and when they came to get us, I put my shoes on and the toys back in my pocket. They kept all the bagged goodies. We got scolded big time, but at least we had some toys to play with after our moms went back to work! Sure cured me of shoplifting, but I resented hippies for years, until I moved to Humboldt in 1980. So I could learn how to grow pot, from who else, HIPPIES! Oh and that friend ended up becoming a cop with LAPD!

              I was in line at a liquor store and some guy stole some booze (shocking I know right) so when he was confronted he told them “it’s ok your insured and then took off like a G6


                Keep a low profile. If u have power outside setup a motion activated light (shine away from plants) and tie it into something that makes noise, and this: 209 primers so far have still been available.
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