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Gelato dried leaves autopots

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    Gelato dried leaves autopots

    I have a Gelato that on day 50 since switching. Package flower time is 56 to 70 days. There are leaves that turn yellow then brownish and then start to dry out. The trichomes are almost all milky and the plants are still taking up water. Not sure I should be concerned and give them another couple of weeks. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you, Wally
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    How about a pic of the whole plant?


      Hello walleye just from the looks of the leaves tells me that it is cannibalizing's itself eating the nutrients from within and leaf is dying needs to be removed. Old fan leaf are the first to do this as the plant is nearing the end of life, it's pushing it all to the buds. Man i love seeing this LOL too bad can't see the whole plant. I would wait to water lift the pot don't assume it's drinking. I would stop all feedings just water my 2cent sunday comment
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        walleye , those Fan leaves turning yellow and purple is totally normal. Just cut them off. If they were the sugar leaves around your buds, that would be different. I have a Gelato and a Super Critical right now that look just like yours.
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          You can easily pluck them at that point. They’ll most likely fall off on their own once you touch them.


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