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    Almost time to harvest??

    Ok so its my 1st grow and i'm 52 days into flowering, white widow. Tricomes are mostly clear but the plant looks ready, I was going to flush at the 56 day mark and since I'm in coco I don't think I need more than a week of flushing so maybe flush, wait a day, flush on the 3rd day and harvest on the 4th or 5th day? Seedsman says its a 8 week flowering time so I suspect I am very close. I want to harvest at the beginning, middle, and end of the harvest window to see which I like best. Its a white widow plant and a clone off her 4 weeks before flowering. Will update with yields in about 2 weeks.
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    To determine when to harvest, you will want to look at the trichomes on the buds. You are looking at the color of the round head of the trichome. General rule of thumb is to harvest when you have 10% amber, 80% milky and 10% clear trichome heads. After a few harvests, you may find your own preference.

    The amber heads are reported to have more of a sedative, body effect. The clear heads have been reported as being more cerebral and energetic high. Either way, you'll want the majority to be milky. These effects can be attributed to the maturation process of cannabinoids within the trichome heads.

    Do be sure to check the buds and not the leaves. Trichomes on the leaves will mature faster than the buds, so they aren't the most accurate ripeness indicator you can use. However, they can be a good visual indicator as to when you might need to begin your flush if you choose to do so.

    I really really like your approach to harvesting at different times in order to build a preference for the future. Coco will also flush easier than soil, so, usually a week is enough for coco.


      White widow, day 70 of flower, 5# smart pot grown in coco I harvested half the plant, will take the other half once 20-30 of the heads are amber. Trichomes are mostly cloudy, very little amber. Seedsman said this was an 8 week flower time, looks like that estimate was off.
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        Chop it as it is done (and probably has been for a week).


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          The trichomes barely have any amber, I will cut down today.

        I would rather be a little late then too soon.
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          Note that late is couch lock and early is a little less potent but more of an upper. All depends on what your fancy is.


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