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Best stuff to kill Thrips for good?

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    Best stuff to kill Thrips for good?

    Hello again, I’ve made a post regarding my thrip situation and treatment about 3 weeks ago, and have been following treatment since. Unfortunately.. they don’t seem to be affected. They are smaller in numbers but I’m not interested in thinning the numbers or maintaining them at a low number, I’d like to eradicate them entirely. I’ve been using bug-b-gon and jakes all-in-one (pictures below) but yesterday I found 4 thrips on my one plant. Plants are in week 4 of flower now.. so I hesitate to lower the lights more, spray and have excessive Rh% during mid flower, and having to wash them every other day.

    I was recommended “spinosad” In my last post, and everyone swore that’s the only thing that’d work, however....
    In Canada it is under re-evaluation by the government and not available for purchase until they know the full effects on bee’s and there species.

    My question is.. is there anything else available in Canada that will knock these little f***ers dead? Starting to see much more leaf damage and worried about all 7 plants now..
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    I would suggest you cover the top of your soil with DE (food grade) that should help with the thrips larvae. Don’t sprinkle it try to lay it like 1/8 or1/4 thick on the soil completely cover it. Then shake the shit out of the plant so that those lil fuckers fall on the DE covered soil that should take care of those. Or even better before you do what I just said give them another treatment then cover your soil with DE that way you don’t wet the DE or it’s useless. There is a product named Green Cleaner it supposed to suffocate the pests so it’s not like a pesticide or poison that kills on contact but will surely help and I believe it’s safe for flowering plants after that I would buy beneficial insects called cucumeris it is cheap and will take care of those lil fuckers also the minute pirate bug it’s a thrips killing machine but it’s more expensive. Do that and your problem will be gone. To clarify if you do the DE don’t use beneficial or they to will fall victims of the DE but definitely get beneficial insects after a green cleaner treatment. Hope that helps. Sucks you can’t get spinosad or that issue would be gone.


      I had success with Permethrin, one application killed the live ones then a second spray three days later to get any larva. I could see dead thrips & shriveled larva on the leaves afterwards and they didn't come back. Pyrethrin is an organic form of the same molecule. Both available on Amazon last time I checked.

      Buena Suerte,

      I grow using soil comprised of the compost I make combined with Foxfarm or other quality commercial soils as an amendment. Appropriate nutes as needed. State of the art LED lighting and an evolving system of environmental controls allows me to pamper my plants and let them tell me what they need.
      My goal is epicurean quality rather than high yield.
      I'm learning how to create cannabis tinctures and hashish and I almost always use a vaporizer to spare my aging lungs.
      Despite my avatar name I'm generally amenable and helpful. So, if there's a question I'm qualified to answer, hit me up!



        What about alcohol and water Several people on here have recommended this and it seems to have worked for me.
        currently growing 2 x Critical Purple Kush Fem, Out doors in Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil, R/ water and small amounts of Dyna Grow nutrients if needed.


          I noticed 5 weeks ago my thrip situation so i found boiling or hot tap water kills them so i filled a spray bottle up & sprayed every plant from top to toe including the grow medium on top. I raised the light as high as possible so the plants could dry out slowly, then lowered it after 4 or 5 hours. Dont spray the plants in the grow room, go outside and do it, havnt seen them since, hope this helps.


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