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    SOIL Looking for Advice on Pruning

    Hey, just looking to ask a quick question on pruning. How often should you be pruning plants? I’ve read many guides and the number seems to vary pretty drastically. Some say 2 weeks others just a couple times during the whole grow. I guess I’m curious if you can prune too often and what that number is? I’m asking because I picked up a mango kush plant 6 days ago. The day I got it I cut 3 redundant leaves off. It was about 4 inches tall with 25-30 leaves at the time. This is what it looks like now. Is it safe to prune again? I should also add I topped 3 days ago, but there’s been a lot of positive growth since. I’m thinking it’s safe.
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    I love using my scissors - but I would leave that plant alone for the time being.
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      The reasons to prune are to remove lower growth you don't want, remove fans that are blocking growth tips, topping/fim'ing to impact how it grows. At the size this girl is you don't really need to be pruning but can certainly top/fim now. Once you flip to 12/12 you'll get a burst of growth so most pruning happens in the weeks leading up to and the first week or two of flower. You don't want to take a bunch at a time, spread it out to lessen the impact and shorten recovery time. Also looks like she's ready for a larger pot but that may be the camera angle.
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      • TheKieftan
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        Hey thanks for the extra advice! I was actually just thinking that but wasn’t sure since I hadn’t seen any signs of roots in the drain holes. She’s 6 and half inches tall with 8 nodes. Think she’s ready?

      • Gluteous
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        Big time. Looks ready for a gallon size at least.

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