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How do you keep a grow journal?

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    How do you keep a grow journal?

    I'm super curious what formats people use for grow journals and what kind of information you keep track of!

    I made myself Google Forms for daily(ish) and weekly records, plus a physical form for stages.
    • Daily log: timestamp, temp, humidity, task checklist (leaves, training & cuts), "anything awry?", comments, and photo upload
    • Weekly log: timestamp, nutrients + pH, plant height, light height, task checklist (check equipment, adjust lights, plant training), comments, and photo upload
    • Stage log: dates, size, etc. for germ, seedling, veg, bloom, harvest, dry, and cure
    I realized that since I'm growing 3 different strains, I should have created a better way to keep my photos sorted, because I'm gonna have to go back through and ID which plant it was for most of them!

    I also made a ton of checklists and calculators and stuff because I'm a spreadsheet nerd. I'm gonna attach a few of them in case they're interesting/useful to other folks.
    • logs & checklists ~ early spreadsheet versions of my daily/weekly log & checklists, plus the actual checklist & log I'm using for stages
    • temp, humidity, nutrients ~ one tab has calculators for humidity and VPD; the next is my interpretation/finagling of the Flora Trio nutrient guidelines; the third is notes about the various grow stages from various online sources

    How do you keep a grow log? Is yours physical or digital?What info do you keep track of? How do you take measurements, and how often? Do you do anything to compile it all at the end of a grow? How do you make use of the information for future grows?
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    I started my log back in February, when I started my first grow. It's just a word processing document. I have only two real parameters = when I water and with what and days old/flowering days.

    I also annotate notable variables but don't get wrapped around the axle about RH or temperatures...I'm very fortunate that my environment generally favors cannabis cultivation.

    The value of a log really presents itself ,once you review it after time. For instance, I'm trying to have a perpetual harvest but needed to get my timing straight. I will now also be purchasing many more Mandarin Gelato seeds. This plant has easily exceeded the rest of my harvested plants and I still have at least a month to go! Since my other plants have produced enough THC for my needs, I'm not concerned about the potency, it'll be there.

    It sounds like you're having fun, indulging in your nerdtasticness ( I mean that with affection). I look forward to your results in the year ahead - Good luck!
    A his own mind - , 48" X 60" X 80" 2-in-1 Grow Tent, Flower light: Vivaspectra P2500 LED. Veg light: Mars Hydro TS600 & Mars Hydro TS1000 LED lights. Nutrients: GH Flora Trio/Calmag coco/perlite, pure lemon juice for late flower


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