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    SOIL Return of Sativa Swirl

    When I left off I was struggling to save my Hawaiians from a depleted, un-aptly named super soil. I threw everything organic at them that I could; worm castings, Cal-Mag, compost (tea and top dress), Fert-Alive, a bloom top dress from Stepwell and another called Incredible Bulk, all with an adjusted Ph of 6.6-7. And it worked! The photos were taken when I decided to finally start the flowering season two weeks ago. The comeback isn't quite as obvious in these pics as is is today. Next week is the final defoliation. I'll try to get a before and after.
    4 X 5 gal fabric pots supplemented with; Growganica Incredible Bulk bloom booster, Compost tea, worm castings, Stepwell bloom top dress. Pure Crop 1 foliar spray, Vipar Spectra R900, Fusion Hut 3X4X6 Fusion Breath 4" fan/filter. Hawaii X Maui Waui feminized photoperiod.

    Your training looks great. Nice and level canopy. Nice work


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      Thanks, the tomato cages help for something like this.

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