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    Air compressor

    Anyone successfully use a air compressor instead of aquarium pumps in rdwc systems.

    The difference in electricity cost to run each isn't even close so it would not be cost effective to do so.


      The reliability would not be good unless you get a huge compressor that can handle the load of constant demand. Even a tiny air leak will eat up a compressor!
      Aquarium air pumps are cheap and built to do this job, just size it as needed.


        I use whisper ap300 into a pond diffuser for my DWC. It is designed for use in deep water pond and can pump air up to 8 feet deep (Lots of pressure) and is extremely quite (I tried others, and all sorts of tricks to keep them quite with no luck) you can tell by the shape of the roots they are getting lots of air. I could probably run both totes on one unit but do not like to have a single point of failure.

        This is the first year I have used the diffuser, but the two AP300 have been with me at least three years. I have spares that are waiting, but the boxes are rotting off :-)

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