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DIY propagator... opinions?

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    SOIL DIY propagator... opinions?

    Just made my self a little propagator, I’m pretty happy, but do you think it’ll work? I’ve got a led bulb in atm, I don’t think that’ll give out enough heat though, any suggestions?
    90x90 grow tent
    1000w Mars Hydro LED unit
    600w HPS with Cool Tube
    600w LUMii BLACK Dimmable Digital Ballast
    100mm RAM Carbon Filter

    Smart Pots
    Bio-Bizz All Mix with Pearlite
    Bio-Bizz Grow, Bloom, Fish Mix & Top-Max

    What is that for? Starting seeds?

    At first I thought it would be a cloner, but it would need air stones and I'd be afraid of the splashing water hitting the lightbulb. Do you get much heat on the outside of the box after the light is on for 18 hours?


    • yorkshire1987
      yorkshire1987 commented
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      Yeah just somewhere warm for starting seeds, away from prying eyes. I’ve had in on a few hours now and it’s getting warmish in there

    • ChadWestport
      ChadWestport commented
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      Looks like it would work great for that, just confirm it by keeping your thermometer in there for hours. Ideally it is going to be 75ish degrees steady.

      Popping seeds doesn't require light, but this is a clever way of providing heat to encourage them to germinate. You can keep the moisture trapped in the ziplock bags you have placed your paper towels and seeds in, this way you do not need to worry about humidity / moisture effecting the exposed bulb.

    You may want to stick a hygrometer inside for 24 hrs. and check parameters before you start killing seeds.


    • yorkshire1987
      yorkshire1987 commented
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      I do have one, what ranges in temp and humidity do I have to keep within?

    76-82F and 65-70% Rh will keep you in the sweet spot.


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