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Possible Plant Deficiency Please Help!!

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    SOIL Possible Plant Deficiency Please Help!!

    Plant has been growing beautifully until this past week don’t know whats wrong repotted thinking it was rootbound but now im thinking it might have a phosphorus deficiency/ph imbalance or something else can anyone confirm or offer additional insight? First time successfully growing female.

    #2 can't guess at the pH. Even these phenomenally skilled and successful growers can't guess at your pH.
    You gotta actually test it. Going in and coming out.
    Do that and see whatcha got...


      I’m pretty new too. Can’t see crap in 1 and 3 just burple. Is your concern the reddish color of the leaves in picture 2? Very well could be natural
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        What level of the plant did those leaves come off of? Purple can definitely indicate a phosphorus deficiency, but some plants will naturally do this toward the end of the life cycle.


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