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How they look? Start of week 4 of flower

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    SOIL How they look? Start of week 4 of flower

    Here’s an update on the girls, my Gorilla Skittlez Auto and Purple Punch Auto- both on the start of week 4 of flower.
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    Nice and frosty already. I'd imagine those strains will really ice out. Gorilla skittles sounds interesting, two tastes I love but two very different tastes. I wonder how it will translate in that strain.

    How many weeks do these go? Are you about 4 weeks left? Leaves are healthy, some burned tips from too much food but I also saw a little bit of burning on some of the edges. I've heard that autos don't need as much food as a regular photoperiod, but I haven't done that work myself. Great work, I wish I could smoke a bowl of that when it is all done. I've done purple punch before, it is a flavorful treat


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      Purple punch is my favorite strain so I had to grow it lol Gorilla Skittlez smell like glue and is sticky like glue but when you hit it and taste it, it tastes like candy. Yeah they got about 4 weeks left, I can’t wait! Thanks man!!

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