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Nutrient mixing and storage and PH

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    Nutrient mixing and storage and PH

    HI there.. first post here ever after lurking and learning for a while. Been growing for about 3 years with differing levels of success.

    Sometimes I travel and will be away from my plants for up to 1-2 weeks. I have a friend come over and water the plants for me. I usually pre-mix all my water and nutrients and PH the water. I put them in gallon jugs and just ask my friend to pour measured amounts on schedule.

    My normal water PH is around 7.0 and I'm growing in Coco. I bring it down to 5.5 - 6.5 and add nutrients. My question is: Is storing pre-mixed PH and nutrient water a bad idea? I did some testing this week and it seems like the water PH rises again while being stored for over a week. The nutes also seem to collect and harden at the bottom of the water bottles. i just shake them up to loosen, but some of it stays permanently attached to the bottom. Does this seem right? is this a bad idea? Or perhaps I'm not measuring well when pre-mixing. I've been using natural lemons for PH-down instead of chemicals. Should I use PH down chemical instead?

    Hey noties - welcome to this forum. Good thing to ask first if you're unsure - cut it's a BAD idea. Don't do it or you'll come home to sick plants - and your friend will have no idea why.

    There's many reasons why most nutrients we use come in a 3 part system. They won't work after sitting around for a few days.

    Most nutrients even say that either on their websites or product bottle - don't mix and store.

    Either teach your friend how to pH your mixture or leave the person very detailed instructions on how to do it.


    Just get your friend to feed them water only - they'll survive a week or 2 without nutes.

    Good luck growing.
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      Totally agree with Canuck147 don't store premixed nutes.

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      I also agree, if they're in coco they need to be fed, but if in soil the nutes are a boost, but dude, it's a weed it'll be fine with just water

    You may want to look into a AutoPot system. The size of your grow will determine how long a full reservoir will last.


      Thanks for all of the comments and advice everyone. I'm learning something new every grow.

      So should I be mixing nutrients at each watering? What's the easiest way to do that with a smaller amount of water? I realize that I can adjust the nutes based on a smaller size, but it's so much easier based on larger gallon or liter size. What does everyone else do?


        Whatever is easy for you.You say your tapwater is around 7.0ph, an you bring it down to 5.5-6.5ph then you add nutrients.
        You want to add your nutrients first before you ph, most nutrients bring it down, you might not need to adjust after you add your nutrients.
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          Ah!!! I was doing it the other way around! And I've been using refrigerator filtered water. Is that not necessary? Straight from the tap is OK?


            If I have to leave for a while and have someone water, i'll pre measure the nutes and ph down in shot glasses. then whoever is watering for me just has to dump them in the water bucket one at a time and mix.


              I agree with whats said, if it stores it will be on the label. Also the lemon juice is doing exactly what it will do in the soil, drop then rise back up fast. Sulfuric acid would be better for PH down. I myself use pelleted sulfur which when mixed with water slowly makes sulfuric acid, I buffer that with dolomite lime, to let the plant create the perfect PH for its self. I dont use coco.


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