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    Auto or Fem update

    I was able to get in to0uch with someone from Pacific Seed Bank. They have been very helpful so far. I sent a copy of my logbook from germination to current status (last Friday). They are currently working on how they can compensate me because she agreed that one of the seeds was definitely an auto (now I'm wondering if it was the same strain lol) I am showing two pics here. One of them shows the two remaining plants. The beautiful healthy looking plant on left and flowering one on right. I'm including a second pic that shows a slightly closer up view of the plant. Does it look like to you guys that trichomes are starting to show on inner leaves? Or is that some crazy disease lol? Also I think you'll be able to see that some of the pistils are darkening as well. All I know is that going forward I'm going to have to feed them accordingly
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    Capitate-sessile trichomes.


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      Could you tell us what Capitate-sessile trichomes mean?

    Thank you for mentioning this, Quirk! I didn't know what this was either. So here it is:

    "Capitate-sessile trichomes are medium-sized glands that cover cannabis plants more densely than bulbous trichomes. This type of trichome consists of a single-cell stalk with
    a larger, rounded gland on top. This gland usually consists of 8-16 cells that group to form a convex rosette that lies flush on top of the stalk. These globular-shaped glands
    usually measure between 25 to 100 micrometers in length...."

    So apparently this is a good thing to have


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