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One week into flower and plants haven't changed a bit.

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    One week into flower and plants haven't changed a bit.

    I flipped my lights to twelve twelve exactly one week ago today and there are zero pistols on the plant. Nothing has changed at all. Should I be worried?

    Could you show us some pics please.


      It usually takes about 2 weeks before you see the start of pistils. Just hang on .
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        Originally posted by Farmbuck View Post
        Could you show us some pics please.
        Here you go. Only feeding water.

        Click image for larger version

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          I've seen flowering start within one week but that was with plants that were in veg for more than four weeks before changing to 12/12.
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            Be patience it will get there


              Any stretch?


                Give her time
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                  Thanks. On a separate note, what are those red striations in the stem?


                  • UndergroundFarmer
                    UndergroundFarmer commented
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                    They are probably just the plant reacting to the lights or even a genetic trait.. If they looked sick, I might point to a magnesium or phosphorus deficiency. As long as the plants are healthy, red stems are no big deal.

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