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Watering Germinated Seed In Rapid Rooter

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    Watering Germinated Seed In Rapid Rooter

    I germinated some seeds using the paper towel method. I have now transplanted them into rapid rooters. In the tutorial it said to keep the rapid rooter moist but not too wet. I'm curious how often other growers apply water in this circumstance and if they can share any techniques.

    Hi, Basic: when my seeds pop, I put my root riot in a net pot with leca on a raised stand under the lights. I make sure it stays moist, so because the root riots are under lights now, I check on them 3 times per day to make sure it's moist and won't dry out roots.

    I don't know what your grow medium is, but I'm hydro, so before I see roots begin to peek out the bottom of the net pot but the seedling is growing strong, I put them into place in reservoir lid. I continue to hand water until roots are well into the water. I spray water into the net pots from below, to encourage roots to come down. I say you can't pay too much attention to seedlings.
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    • Basic
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      Thanks. I'm growing in Coco Coir.

    Hi Basic...I germinate seeds by dropping them in a shot glass of water for 12-24 hours and then in the rapid rooters. I use the shot glass to keep the rapid rooter moist applying 1/2 oz or thereabouts at a time.
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      When I use any type of rooting plug I presoak them in a calmag mix ph’d to 6.5 then put them in a humidity dome 1/2 open sitting on a heating pad. Once seeds sprout I open the vents to 100% and leave it that way a couple days then I remove the cover and mist them twice a day until moved to their next home


      • alltatup
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        Same here. The heating pad makes most of them pop in 24 hours.

      • bboyfromwayback
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        Like magic lol I started soaking my seeds overnight in a glass of water too then straight into whatever I’m sprouting them in. I haven’t had a single seed not sprout since

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