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    Cfl's Brand

    I don't know if it is allowed to ask but here goes -- what brand of Cfl's are good to buy?

    For the first time in my life, I will be politically correct..... inexpensive ones! lol.
    Seriously, I have not noticed very many CFLs in the 23 to30 watt range with any brands on the , other than the store brand. The 55 watt blubs that I am using are Longstar FE-US-55W.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


      Hi, the ones I bought were called eco smart from Home Depot.


        I always check out the reviews on something before I buy it. I look for bad reviews and how many of them there are and especially if they have the same complaints about the product.
        I've bought around 25 40/42 watt cfls off of Amazon in the last 5 months and there were quite a few on there with bad reviews. You can google the brand you're looking at and type in reviews to get some good info.


          Thanks for your responses,

          Hey rwdyredhead, I always look through the reviews too, but a lot of those reviews are not specific to, well at least not to what we are growing here.

          The other thing is that I see some growers use a CFL daylight for the veg stage and then switch to a soft white Cfl for the flowering stage. of does everybody just use one type throughout??
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            Definitely better to go with daylight for veg and soft white for flower but Nebula says if you can only get one of those go with the soft white for the whole grow.
            With the cfls I found some reviews saying the lights burned out quicky and I avoided those lights. I figure it 3 or 4 people are saying that it could be a real issue & they're probably just not made well.

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