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Blue Amnesia XXL Auto Strain Review

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    Blue Amnesia XXL Auto Strain Review

    Strain Review

    Blue Amnesia XXL Auto PevGrow Seeds

    by Dinafem

    Blue Amnesia XXL Auto is a sativa dominant hybrid of Original Amnesia Auto and Autoflowering Blueberry, taking their best qualities. The plant is incredibly beautiful and has sativa-like thin leaves and thick resinous buds of blue-purple color. The strain is resistant to various kinds of pests and moisture, so it is well suited for growing outdoors in a humid climate. It reaches 130 cm in height. The variety shows a fruity taste and aroma, with notes of berries, lemon and black pepper.The strain has long-lasting strong effect which is balanced in a physical and mental level. Blue Amnesia XXL Auto is not recommended for inexperienced cannabis smokers who are not used to powerful effects.

    Blue amnesia becoming a favorite. easy grow, strong plants. 90 days. Total 4 OZ dried bud plus killer trim. Blue color has started to come out more in the curing process I've noticed. excellent taste and Buzz. Will buy more! Highly recommend!

    Blue Amnesia kicks Ass!

    Set up: 6 x 6 Grow room [ Home made]. 24 sq’ Grow area Separated by curtain 18/6 Light schedule 2-400 watt HPS. 1-175 Watt MH, 1200 Watt Kings LED 600 + , [Recently added.] Veg & bloom switch. I like them both On. Positioned to work together with HPS & MH.
    Auto’s always … clones & feminized Started to move outdoors in season.
    2 Exhaust fans -- 3 Circulate intake fans. as needed, all wide open currently. Potting soil Mixed with homemade organic, perlite, peat moss, Worm castings.
    5 Gallon Fabric bags. Weak doses- all purpose In veg.- Bloom Buster & molasses During flowering stage. Worm casting Tea. Egg shell tea occasionally

    Researching & Crossing different strains. Goal-ultimately find &/or developed the ultimate*ever-elusive*perfect girl*Tree of Life- fountain of youth.

    “On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations” (Revelation 22:2).

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