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The flip 12/12, P/K boost or not

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    COCO COIR The flip 12/12, P/K boost or not

    What up guys...

    Got a problem in my mind that I can't really find a clear answer to.
    The situation is this; Its time for flipping the light schedule to 12/12 and a change of nutrients is eminent... What I learn is that I should continue veg nutes for one or two weeks during "the stretch" before using bloom nutes. The reason is a need for a lot of nitrogen still during the stretch. And all this is good no problem. I'm currently using AdvancedNutrition and they have a product called "Bud Ignitor" which is very expensive. I want to now what's going on with that. They claim more budding sites because the plant stores the P/K from "Bud Ignitor" in the new sites for later boosting the flower production.
    This is my question: If I start using bloom nutes from week one (after flip) to give more p/k to budding sites early will I then loose the productiveness of "The stretch" because a lack of nitrogen.
    And if I choose to wait giving bloom nutes to week 2 maybe I can add som p/k I my veg mix to give the effect AN claims with "bud ignitor"..…?

    Thx's for now, hope somebody been wondering how to do this the best way to get big yield... Let's make "FiveAlight" not Tree...


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