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CFL light fixture ideas to help new growers

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    CFL light fixture ideas to help new growers

    hey guys! Hope everyone is having a good day! I was thinking about different methods we use for cfl fixtures that others may have overlooked? So if anyone wants to post a thought please do!
    1) motion sensor style light with sensor removed, complete dexterity to adjust bulbs to fill in sides of plant.
    2) old 5 bulb chandelier hung upside down, some are adjustable!
    So as you can see, I am looking for stuff you may have gotten creative with so we can help out the new growers! I am all ways learning and glad to share!

    I make frequent use of over sink bath fixtures. They are usually simple and easy to modify and come with ceramic sockets. My last cfl grow had 8 total sockets spit into two for 16 bulbs total. It takes some time to wire them up and add insulation to protect wiring, but they are cheap and cfls grow some great crops.
    Organic only soil grower
    Current: Medgom Auto (CBD Crew and (Grassomatic)
    Set up: 300w Galaxy hydro LED, DIY insulated growbox, dual thermostatic exhaust fans, dual circulation fans, thermostatic 300w heat, remote temp/humidity monitor.


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