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A stupid question from me...

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    A stupid question from me...

    Which take longer to cure, Sativa or Indica ? I can't seem to find anything on the net.
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    Howdy Farmbuck, Although I have not grown any known strains (some of the bag seeds that I started with did show signs of either Indica or Sativa lineage). I can not say the the curing time were any different, (unlike growing times and heights!). So I can't give You a confidant answer or that.
    Oh! and one thing more, the only stupid question, id the one that does not get asked!
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


    • Farmbuck
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      Bonjour DW2, Even with a lot of literature out there on curing. the web, books etc.. I have not yet found an answer on the difference between the two. I have both curing and some seems to be a bit weaker after several months. My Blueberry is still potent compare to my Panama Red. I'm using the old Mason jar and a boveda (62%) in each jar. Could it be me ?? Maybe I need a more potent strain now..!

    I have never noticed any difference in cure time. Drying and curing are not strain specific. Indicas finish flowering much faster but drying and curing still takes a while.
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      Farmbuck, I would say Sativa. It takes longer to grow. The plant itself is larger than Indica, so it takes longer to dry. I don't put a time limit on curing because I'm all about taste, so I take my time on curing. How ever long it takes.
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        It this is a debate on this subject.
        You can’t say sátiva is going to take longer to dry than an indica.
        so if the indica bud is larger than the sativa, then the sativa would still be longer to dry?

        I hardly doubt that. It isn’t strain related at all. It’s about the environment you give it or put it in. And the size of the buds or how dense or loose the buds is.
        sativa or indica doesn’t matter.

        and the flowering period doesn’t matter either. 8 weeks or 14 weeks, doesn’t give you longer dry time on a 14 weeks strain.
        Just because people are over 50 doesn’t mean they know everything.
        You can teach a old dog new tricks - But it will still think the old ways are the “best” lol


        • Farmbuck
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          I never meant to start a debate to a simple question. A opinion or observation from you the growers. By the way I'm talking about curing not drying mon ami, N'est-ce pas ?
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        • JDU
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          Nothin wrong with a good spirited, friendly debate.

        • CaptainWiese91
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          It was just my opinion 😅
          It really doesn’t matter, sativa or indica. Cure process is the same.

        I don't know either Farmbuck i've never payed that close attention strain wise? But to me it's all about the size how long it takes?
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        I use a t-5 & 54watt CFL for seedlings
        Sometimes i use plastic sometimes i use fabric grow containers
        Currently using fish/guano during veg growth & FF Grow Big 6-4-4 teens to bloom. Once i see pre-flower i switch to
        Age Old Organics Bloom 5-10-5


          curing its a delicate bacterial process with too many variables to make generalizations, chlorophyll, glucose, cellulose and other long carbon chains are decomposed as a result, in that aspect plant tissue its pretty much all the same across a wide range of related plants, meaning both sativa and indica are so related that the chemical composition of the plant itself (not resin) its pretty much the same thing. that being said a big fat hard dense nug will provide better conditions for anaerobic bacteria to thrive making them prone to mold but easier to keep in curing conditions than airy buds, also sativas evolved in moister hotter environment making them a bit more resistant to the bacterias and fungi involved in curing. so in my eyes its not really about time because you can cure quick at the edge of molding or long in a more oxygenated environment and both will result in very different final product. the consensus in the cannabis industry is that long curing without too many tissue getting destroyed is the optimal and most desired result. so indicas are easier to cure and sativas are harder to cure, this can sometimes result in a longer slower process when not done right
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          • 9fingerleafs
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            this is about bud structure not about what people call indica or sativa based on the effect

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