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Bio-Bizz grow and bloom feed

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    SOIL Bio-Bizz grow and bloom feed

    I bought these two together for my first grow (in soil) and I'm hoping someone else here might have experience with Bio-Bizz feeds. I've just got into the flowering stage and want to use the Bloom liquid but I'm uncertain of dosages. Just a couple of questions....

    Can I premix the feeds together or do I use them separated?

    Any suggestions on what else I could use?

    Has anyone got a link to the right grow chart for these feeds? I'm finding loads of conflicting information.

    Always impressed with how useful you lot are.... thanks in advance
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    90x90 grow tent
    1000w Mars Hydro LED unit
    600w HPS with Cool Tube
    600w LUMii BLACK Dimmable Digital Ballast
    100mm RAM Carbon Filter

    Smart Pots
    Bio-Bizz All Mix with Pearlite
    Bio-Bizz Grow, Bloom, Fish Mix & Top-Max

    I'm on my first grow and using Bio Bizz myself. I've not got to flowering stage myself (switching tomorrow) so have only used the bio bizz grow which ive been using at a quarter strength any more than that and i start getting nute burn on the tips but that could be strain related. heres a link to the nute schedule for bio Bizz products.

    3'x3'x6' Secret Jardin grow tent
    Fox 6" carbon filter and fan with acoustic ducting
    Kocheal 2000w (actual 255w) Led
    Couple of fans for airflow
    First grow 2x RQS Fat Banana 1 x Silver leaf Critical crack og. All photo
    Soil, plain multi purpose compost with perlite added
    Nutrients - Bio Bizz Calmag, Grow and Bloom.

    Yellow under blurple makes fluorescent orange 😀


    • yorkshire1987
      yorkshire1987 commented
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      Ive used it at near full strength (18ml per 5l) and the plants seemed to of thrived so sounds strain related, going to drop it down now im using the bloom now. Should i mix the two in together?

    • yorkshire1987
      yorkshire1987 commented
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      Apologies... your link has answered all my questions... thankyou

    Not smart enough to post a bio bizz feeding chart, I found one in the first link.


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