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Color change in the leaves

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    HELP! Color change in the leaves

    All three plants are auto fem grown in fox farm ocean forest soil. I’m noticing on the newer leaves the striped pattern of discoloration. Is this concerning? If so, what’s causing it and how do I fix it. Last watering I added 2.5ml of cal mag to half gallon of water and phed it before adding to plants. Also, when is a good time to LST? these autos are short and bushy- what’s the best method?

    I honestly can't tell from the lighting in that picture. But if it is only the new growth, then you likely have an issue with an immobile nutrient. Take a look at those and it should narrow down your problem.

    Be sure that you are Ph'ing the water before you add it to the plants. If you are, what Ph are you using?

    FFOF comes with a ton of nutrients in it already, so feeding isn't needed for at least 3 weeks. Adding cal-mag like you did is ok to do.

    You can LST at many times, now is a good one. What size pots are they in?


      I haven’t added in any other added nutrients other than the cal mag. Last watering was the first time I did the PH on the water. Which was 5.5. These are 3 gallon pots.


        5.5 Ph is very low for soil. Ideally you want to be between 6.0 - 6.8 with a target of 6.3 Ph. The majority of nutrients are best absorbed in certain Ph ranges and the 5.5 Ph is very acidic and possibly blocking out certain nutrients from uptake. Slowly start inching your Ph range to the desired zone, you won't want to instantly slam it with 6.5 Ph because that will cause a big Ph swing, which the roots won't like either.

        Since it is new growth with the issue, I'm guessing Ph is locking out one of the essential immobile nutrients in the plant. Your pot size is good, 3 gallons is appropriate for that size of plants.


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