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Leaves turning yellow after watering

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    Leaves turning yellow after watering

    looks like a nitrogen defeciency, but someone told me a few weeks ago I had too much nitrogen and to stop feeding I'm not sure! I just feel it's too early for the leaves to be turning yellow during flower, but it's my first time, so maybe not?
    Flipped August 25, about 28 days ago. At least another month before harvest expected. Bruce Banger from Seedsman and Northern Lights from Nirvana, both have same issue with yellowing of the fans leaves. In 7 gallon pots with fox fire ocean soil since D1. The leaves looked fine last night. I included photos of the chemical makeup of the two nutrients I used. Watered 1 gallon with 1 teaspoon each of the CalMag and Florabloom...

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    Nitrogen is a mobile nutrient and will start its deficiencies at the bottom of the plant and work up this looks more in the middle of the plant and to me looks like a potassium deficiency. But water practices and your Ph would be the first thing I'd what to know about before I saying that's it for sure.
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