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    HELP! Ready for harvest?

    Hi to all growers,

    I'm first time grower and don't know exactly if it's the right time or not for harvest.

    I've got 2 plants of AutoMazar, both under the sun in buckets with soil mixture and now they are like 13 or 14 weeks old (dont know exactly the date when the seeds popped out).

    Bad weather is coming, only few nice days left and I don't know what to do. Actually during the day is like 23°C (73F) and at night is around 10°C (50F) for about a last week till this tuesday and by that wednesday/thursday it gets worse, daytime temperatures will drop to max 15°C (59F) and nightime temperatures will be below 10°C (50F) and there is a big chance for rain and high humidity and cloudy weather at all.
    Sun shines directly on plants these days like 8hours, can't get them better place unfortunately.

    I had some colas on the first bigger plant infected with bud rot, which I've cut out, ducttaped the stem and it looks like it's quite fine now, but I'm still a little bit scared about it.

    Can you please give me any hint, what to do? Harvest or risk it furthemore with bad weather coming? And how far they are right now?

    I have no more than smartphone with zoom and magnifier, but it's hard to keep it steady while shooting for trichomes, so excuse this bad quality ones, but it's the best what I can share right now.
    Maybe will try in different light to shoot better ones if necessary.

    Pictures of the first bigger plant included in this post. Second plant is in the next post. They are with comments.

    Thank you in advance.

    Pictures of the second smaller plant.


    • SoOrbudgal
      SoOrbudgal commented
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      Those are all so beautiful. You could have less than 3wks left to finish. Those autos will take frost for a short time. And you have protection looks like. That first top plant looks very near, i've brought them into garage and taken them out daily before for sun or whats left of it. Yes that is bud rot on 2nd younger plant good you detected early. We just have to be diligent with air flow hard i know even going out there to give the plant a little " shake" few times a day will help.

    • Mijatar
      Mijatar commented
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      Thank you SoOrbudgal, sadly it looks like the weather will be worse than what I thought, daylight temps will drop below 10°C (50F) with no sun and quite rainy. So I think its over, cant keep them anymore or nothing will left. Just found today caterpillars and another bud rot. All is removed and Ill harvest them albeit they are not fully ready :/

    Hi mijatar; Dr. Gunner Frankenplantenstine here , spray your plants with B. T. Bacillus Thuringiensis for the caterpillars 🐛 also cover the plants with a tarp on the freeze for cast nights. I’ve had it go as low to 37 for two nights with tarps on and 39 with the tarps off and the girls are super. Check your 10 day forecast you can use B. T. All the way to harvesting, l had stopped last year when the buds were getting big and move my plants into the green house bad move caterpillars got the munchies on the buds. So go as long as you can ! Best of luck , Doc 🧟‍♂️


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