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    SOIL How do they look?

    Been in these 3 gallon pots from solo cup transfers for about 5 days. 13 days from germination. These are 3 auto fem seeds. Under 600w LED, 21” away. They are in fox farm ocean forest. No specific watering schedule, not ph’d water just tap. No added nutrients. No fan or humidifier (use damp towels), light schedule is 18/6. Like how much work really is this? I feel like I should be doing more.

    You are starting out great but you definitely will want to add some fans for airflow. Also, Ph'ing the water is a good idea, problems take weeks to build up and once they do, you'll spend the rest of the grow trying to recover for lost time. With autos, you don't want delays. If you tap water comes out between 6.0 - 6.8Ph, then you will be fine. Knowing the ppm of the water helps too, it indicates how many minerals are in there.

    Two weeks down, seven or eight to go. Enjoy!


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