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Grow tent plant is far taller than the other 2

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    HELP! Grow tent plant is far taller than the other 2

    New grower here; I am growing 2 different plants in my tent (white widow and G13). The G13 plant is growing so tall I'm not sure
    how I can effectively raise the light and not affect the other 2 plants. They are just over 2 months old now. Thanks, ken

    Can you super crop the taller one and maybe put some bricks under the short one to raise it up.
    As for the light situation, can you post up a phone of the whole set up?
    5x5 Gorilla tent
    Spectrum King SK402 - 2× Optic XL1
    Infinity T8 exhaust fan
    Technaflora nutes
    Nectar of the Gods soil


      Strange, G13 should be indica dom so it should be keeping pace with white widow. It could be a freak phenotype tho, or maybe it was G13 Haze which is sativa dom which would account for difference in height. You can get plant risers or hell i use anything i can find like a cardboard box, books or reams of copy paper to raise plants that are shorter than the tallest plant to keep canopy even.


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