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    Supplemental Lighting

    Wish I could just turn my brain off and be happy with what I have BUT I’m always wondering what I can do to improve my set up. I’ve updated my grow set up ~3x now (on my first effing grow) and just need to know if I can push my space a little more.

    4x2 space currently with 2 quantum LED boards that draw ~90W each. Full spectrum with IR but lack UV.

    Looking to supplement these lights to
    1) increase my overall wattage (aren’t I looking for 50W/square foot?)
    2) Increase the PFFD of my spectrum while introducing UV.

    I initially was looking at COBs as I didn’t want a huge light separating my QBs but I can’t find lamps that are so much “supplemental” lighting as they are burple stand alone lights (which I moved away from with my QBs). Another issue is that though they can fill out the spectrum with UV, they don’t use a lot of watts, requiring more to reach my W/sqft range.

    Did a little more research and read that adding a HPS to my set up is a viable and even recommended option. Never really looked into HPS when I started as I felt LEDs are the future (still feel that way) but this seems like an easy way to increase my wattage and introduce UV into my spectrum. I found a 150W HPS that is well within my price range however I’ve also found some 400/600W HPS/MH that are dimmable but a little more expensive.

    Anyways, looking for some advice on how to proceed. Thanks everyone.

    I've always been an HPS person, over the last few years I've dipped my toes into the LED and now QB world. In a 4'x2' space, an HPS will be very very hot, even with good venting. 2' is not enough clearance to safely operate a lamp like that IMO, but I'm sure it's been done.

    Are you talking meters or feet? That actually makes a big difference on my answer. HPS lamps are dimmable, but they don't function as intended when they are dimmed or maybe I should say at full potential. 600w is the most efficient of all the HPS wattages but I've been a fan of the 400w. I've definitely heard the 50w per square foot before, from a source I highly trust, Danny Danko.

    Regardless of that, there are some pretty good supplemental light strips that measure less than 6" wide. You can get them in special spectrums and even the UV which you are looking for. There are also supplemental pucks that are easier to squeeze between your main lights.


    • dalvis
      dalvis commented
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      2’x4’ (5’ tall)

      thanks for the information on HPS. I had a taste of heat problems when I started my grow. Not very fun.

      Building my own supplemental strip would be ideal. Do you know of any companies that offer this?

    With the efficiency of LEDs Im going to have to go wall to wall with lights to reach 400W. Are people really getting good results with something like a SF2000 all by itself?


      You don't have to get to 400w with well spread QB, COB or strip LEDs, three 100w qbs spread evenly would do well and your canopy wouldn't have to be perfect as you can adjust them independently.

      I would rather have 2 of these Vivosun VS1000 than 1 SF-2000. Even better would be 3 of these Viparspectra P1000

      Either of these choices would be cheaper and more effective than the Spider Farmer in a 2 x 4. The VS1000 uses Samsung 301H diodes, is dimmable and comes with a free pair of led sunglasses. The P1000 uses SMD diodes, is dimmable and cheap as hell right now. If you want big power though for the $300 you would have spent getting 200w of SF QBs you could get that 400w of QB with 4 P1000s.


      • dalvis
        dalvis commented
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        Yeah I just mention the SF2000 because many are familiar. I currently have 2 QB boards with 281B+ and a Meanwell driver.

        I’ve decided to split these up with a 1500W 5x COB arrangement that draws about 250W. There’s going to be over 3’ of lights in my 4’ tent so if this isn’t enough I don’t know what will be. All 3 lights are dimmable so hoping to dial them all in to 400W. I hope I’ve made the right choice. So tired of comparing and yadda yadda yadda.

        All said and done the 3 lights cost me $230.

      • FunkyButtLovin
        FunkyButtLovin commented
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        Right on brotha, I'd say you did well and I can't wait to see that 2 x 4 looking like a little jungle.

      • ChadWestport
        ChadWestport commented
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        nice choices!

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